Face masks are a vital part of our attire nowadays – In some countries, it’s even compulsory to wear a mask in public. For the foreseeable future, we can predict that face masks will be an important accessory to our day-to-day outfits. Fashion designers and artists alike have all realised the potential to face mask design. Check out some face mask designs that have already hit the sidewalk this season.


Originally from Paris, the mixed-media artist has incorporated characters from popular culture into his work. He has also collaborated with popular fashion brands such as Supreme and Louis Vuitton

In his more recent move, Gomor has designed a series of 50 limited-edition face masks in response to the COVID-19. Gomor’s LV mask, designed with the classic Louis Vuitton monogram is the artist’s interpretation of the critical situation. According to his Instagram post, published 26th April, 2020, Gomor explained that he made the masks “so that we never forget the crisis, and remind that any individual can’t be untouchable, may he be rich or poor.”

Two masks are available from UP & COMING ART and are made using authentic pieces of Louis Vuitton fabric. We proudly offer art from great up and coming artists like Gomor. If you are interested in kick-starting your art collection, visit the UP & COMING ART online gallery and check out Gomor’s LV Classic Monogram mask.

Louis Vuitton Face Mask by GOMOR


Gomor is not the only artist take has found a way to create art from face masks. Chinese artist Ai WeiWei is one that also worth to mention.

Ai WeiWei’s life has been a journey of activism through art, so it comes as no surprise that Ai WaiWai has found inspiration in the COVID-19 pandemic. Announcing on his Instagram page on 28th May 2020, Ai WeiWei describes the pandemic as a “humanitarian crisis” that “challenges our understanding of the 21st century and warns of dangers ahead.” He goes on to explain that, “Our small individual act becomes powerful when they are part of the social response. An individual wearing a mask makes a gesture; a society wearing masks combats a deadly virus.”

The Chinese artist has produced a series of face masks that feature some of his most iconic artwork, hand-printed using silk-screen in his Berlin studio. The facemasks, available to buy on Ai WeiWei’s eBay page, are selling for $50 each. All proceeds will be equally distributed between three charities in order to help people impacted by the pandemic: Human Rights Watch, Refugees International and Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF).

Designs available are titled, ‘Mask with middle finger’, ‘Feishu’, ‘Free Speech’, ‘Shanhaijing’ and ‘Sunflower Seeds’, referring to Ai WeiWei’s installation where the artist filled the Tate Modern with over 100 million porcelain seeds. Also available is a collection set of 20 masks.


Four of the UK’s leading contemporary artists have designed a series of custom, limited-edition face masks to raise money for British artists and museums that have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Contemporary Art Society joined forces with the Freeze in wake of the COVID-19 pandemic to set up the CAS Rapid Response Fund to support artists and museums in the UK during the uncertain times. The face masks are available in four designs and are priced at £35 each. Alternatively, you can purchase a set of all four designs for £120. All donations go to CAS Rapid Response Fund. 

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