Here, in the Netherlands, we’re about six weeks into the lock down and it’s taking a toll. Our day to day lives have been turned upside down. One of the sectors that is especially effected is arts and culture. Theatres are closed, art fairs cancelled and museums locked their doors.

That’s also the reason that I’m writing this article from my kitchen table in the Netherlands and I’m not roaming the art fairs to discover new art and talent. Because what’s true here is true all over Europe, the US, Asia or, to summarise, the world. Exceptions aside, the lock down is still in effect.


Although the pandemic has inspired new and established artist to express their talent and has sprung new initiatives, being stuck at home loses it’s fun after a couple weeks. Normally you could just wonder off to your favourite cafe to discuss some art or go to your local gallery to see what’s new. Unfortunately, that’s not on the menu these days.

And being stuck at home can be tough on your significant other and/or family as well. Banksy was so kind to show us this. Just have a look at his latest creation.


Luckily the the corona-virus is more and more under control. We’re not there yet, but the first signs of improvement are visible on the horizon. This is the reasons that the first plans to reopen museums are made. Some of the worlds major museums are allowed to reopen their closed doors in the next months.

Here is the current list:


Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna (July 1)
The Belvedere, Vienna (July 1)
MAK, Vienna (July 1)


Shanghai Museum
Power Station of Art, Shanghai
China Art Museum, Shanghai
UCCA Center for Contemporary Art, Beijing (May 21)


Altes Museum (May 4)
Hamburger Bahnhof (May 4)
Bodes Museum (May 4)
Dresden State Art Collections (May 4)


Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo (May 6)
Kyocera Museum of Art (May 6)


Kunsthaus Zurich (June 8)
Kunstmuseum Basel (June 8)
Museum Haus Konstruktiv, Zurich (June 8)



Is your country not on the list? Be patient! If we stick to the quarantine and find support with each other (whilst keeping our distance) we can push through. Being stuck in your home can feel like imprisonment sometimes, but just keep in mind that the more you commit, the sooner it will be over.

Hang in there and the best of luck from my new office (the kitchen table)

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