UP & COMING ART is a digital art gallery dedicated to finding unique and contemporary art from artists on the rise. What makes UP & COMING ART different, what sets us apart, can be said with three simple, yet powerful words: ENJOY. COLLECT. INVEST.

ENJOY. all there is to see.

To search for a new work of art is a journey. A journey filled with new styles, stories, impressions, colours and mesmerizing beauty. It’s a journey that should be enjoyed. 

We’ve created that journey by curating our ART COLLECTION in such a way that it can be enjoyed, not just by category or style, but by colour, theme, size, material, medium and much more. However you want to search or whatever you’re searching for, it can be found. 

COLLECT. what you love.

Your journey has a single goal, to collect. Or better said, to collect what you love. Falling in love with a work of art is more than just enjoying its beauty. To fall in love you need to know what the work of art is about, what it means, experience it fully. You need to know its story.  

We take great effort to make sure you can get that experience before you decide to collect. We don’t just put up a pretty picture, we tell the story of the work you’re enjoying, create multiple composition shots, so you can see how it would look on your wall and even offer a feature that allows you to view your desired art in your own home. 

INVEST. along the way.

What is better than hanging an investment that you enjoyed searching for and loved to collect on your otherwise empty wall? We cannot guarantee that the artwork you acquire will go up in value, but what we can guarantee is that if you collect what you love, you can invest in something that will brighten up your mood every time you rest your eyes upon it. We challenge you to find a stock portfolio that can do the same.