Did you spot an awesome work of art and would like to know more? Don’t hesitate to get in touch! 


Shipping art takes a bit longer then shipping stuff you buy in an average web shop. Art is quite delicate and has odd sizes. In other words, it’s very important to take extra care to make sure your new art arrives safely. We strive to ship within 7 days from the moment you purchased it. Depending on your location it can take a couple days to maybe a little over a week for your new art to arrive. You can track the progress with the tracking link you have received. 


We take extra effort to make sure that your new art is handled with the utmost care. If that means we have the build a crate, we build a crate. If that means we have to invent a new shipping tube, we invent a new shipping tube. If that means we have to go to the moon, we go to the moon. In other words, we make sure that your new art arrives safely at your doorstep.


The cost of shipping is already included in the price of each work of art. In other words, you won’t be surprised by nasty shipping charges somewhere during checkout. The price you see, is the price you’ll get.


If you live in a different customs area compared to where the art ships from, you might have to pay import duties and or tax to your government. For example, your new art ships from the US to your home in the Netherlands. In this case you have to pay import tax when your new work of art clears customs. If you want to know more about potential duties and taxes before you purchase, please get in touch! 


You fell in love with a work of art and you decided to acquire that work of art you so desire, but, naturally, before you decided to acquire it you talked it over with your significant other. Now your brand new work of art is hanging on the wall and your love is stronger then ever. But then, disaster strikes! Your spouse makes an 180 degree turn and says the unthinkable:

“Owwh … Hmm … Is this the painting you where talking about?”

Naturally, your first thought is divorce, but who will get custody of Jimmy Chew, the trusted canine? After a strongly worded and somewhat heated dialogue, you, the bigger person, do the sensible thing. With pain in your heart you decide to part with your new work of art and return it. 

In short: Yes, you can return your art due to change of mind. Please have a look at the steps you need to take.


STEP 1: Within 14 days from the moment of delivery you give us notice of your wish to return by using the contact form below (click GET IN TOUCH!). 

STEP 2: Make sure to carefully package the work for shipping. We can only accept it back if it’s undamaged in any way or form. 

STEP 3: We will send a courier to your home to pick up the artwork. 

STEP 4: After we have received the work it’ll be inspected it for damages. When the work is undamaged you will get your purchase amount refunded.

Please note, when you return a work of art due to change of mind, the costs of the return shipment will be deducted from the refunded purchase amount. 


The day has come. Your new work of art is set to arrive. You have been sleeping at your doorstep just to make sure that you weren’t going to miss the delivery. And than it happens! The packaging is damaged! What now?

You should reject the package when it arrives at your door step damaged. If the package is damaged and you still accept it, we cannot give you a refund if the art turns out to be damaged as well. 

That said, always use common sense. When you see scratches, that’s fine. The packaging can handle that. But when you see dents and bends, especially properly damaged corners or a package that has been folded, you should reject it. 

Please notify us if you had to reject your delivery by using the contact form below. We can get to work on sorting things out with the shipping company.


If the packaging looked fine it might happen that your new work of art is still damaged. If so, please follow these steps: 

STEP 1: Within 48 hours from the moment of delivery give us notice of the damaged work of art by using the contact form below (click GET IN TOUCH!). Please upload pictures of the damages. 

STEP 2: We inspect your case and notify the artist. In the mean time, make sure to carefully store your work of art to prevent any more damages.

STEP 3: You will receive an answer from us within 14 days including instructions on how to proceed.