So, you want to acquire art for you to enjoy at home? That’s wonderful news. Here at UP & COMING ART we eat, sleep and breath art, so we’re always encouraging people to find a wonderful piece to hang in your home. But before you rush into your search and put down money for the first piece of art you come across, there are a few steps to take. 


You’re here because you’re considering purchasing art for your home. That’s the first intention. But why do you want to buy art for your home? It’s great to have an objective in mind. 

Take a moment, sit down and make a note of these following considerations:

  • Where do you want to hang the artwork? Is it an empty space in your living room, for example? Or do you want to replace another piece of art?
  • Are you looking for a piece of art to match the interior decor of a specific room?
  • How much space can you work with? What size of art are you looking to purchase?
  • Is there a specific type of medium you are looking for in the artwork?
  • What style of art are you into?
  • Are you looking for art that makes a statement?
  • Do you want a statement piece? 

Once you’ve answered these questions, you’ll have a better idea of what you’re in the market for. From there, you can narrow down your search and you won’t become so overwhelmed with the choice of art on offer.


Whether you’re purchasing art with your partner, sibling, housemate or for yourself, it’s always best to agree on a budget before you start shopping. 

There’s a common misconception that purchasing art involves a large budget, but it’s certainly not true – UP & COMING ART is all about debunking that misconception. So, whether you have €250 or €5000 to spend, there will be the perfect piece of art out there, ready for you to take home and hang on your wall.

If you have a tight budget, consider purchasing from a young artist who is just starting out. This is also a great way to support new and rising talent.

Acquiring a one-off piece of art that you really love can be well out of your price range. You may want to consider buying limited edition artwork instead. Many artists who produce art using processes such as, photography, digital art, etchings or screenprints sell their work in limited series. Acquiring limited edition prints is also great if you are a little strapped for cash.

This is also a nice alternative if you want to get into collecting art. Most artists who create pieces that can be reproduced, choose to sell the work in limited series. There’s a lot more worth in art that belongs to a limited series – and the smaller the series, the more value the art holds. 


UP & COMING ART allows collectors to browse and view a varied selection of art from all over the world. We also offer an easy-to-use filter system where users can narrow down their search with options including, price range, style of art, medium, size and colour. Perfect for selecting the piece of art to match your home decor. It’s best to start your search here, at the art collection

Traditionally, art galleries are limited in space and so the options on offer are also limited. UP & COMING ART has unlimited floor space, therefore, it offers young artists who are starting out in the industry a chance to get their name out there and have their work viewed by a larger audience.

UP & COMING ART has created a whole new way to enjoy searching for new art online. We have opened up the doors for young artists to sell their work – and young collectors to start their very own art collection.


So, you’ve narrowed down a list of artwork you’re interested in purchasing for your home. The penultimate step is to do some research. Find out about the artist, the themes and the story behind the piece. You want to gain as much information about your purchase as possible. 

Why? Well, what happens if you purchase a piece of art and later learn that the intention behind it is based on a political opinion or belief that you don’t agree with, for instance? 

But more than that, art is there to be viewed, enjoyed and discussed. You hope that your latest edition to your home is interesting enough to strike up a conversation. So make sure that you know everything about it first, so that you can enjoy discussing it with your friends and family.

Don’t worry about having to delve into the deepest, darkest parts of the internet to get the information you need. UP & COMING ART includes artist bios; their life and training, the process and information on each art piece in the online collection.


Remember, you’re getting new art for your home. You are looking for a piece to enhance your living space, making it more enjoyable to live in. Don’t purchase something that you’re not fully in love with. If you have some doubts, then sit back and wait a little longer. The artwork of your dreams is out there, so don’t rush the process. 

If you’re looking for some art to include in your home, check out some of the pieces we have in the UP & COMING ART COLLECTION


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