Vera Jochum, a self-taught abstract painter, shares what she experiences in her daily life through her art. It can be as simple as the view from the kitchen window or as complex as an intimate relationship. 


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Vera Jochum is an abstract painter from Illingen, Saarland in Germany. The urge to express herself artistically has always been deeply rooted and was clearly visible from a young age.

“Again and again I feel the need to process small messages into my paintings. These can be lines of a poem or even fragments of a song's lyrics. It should always be interesting for the viewer to go on a journey of discovery.” 

In addition to her abstracts, Vera attaches great importance to the basics and finger exercises. On a daily basis she draws portraits, nudes and everything that touches her senses..


Her art strives to pass on a sensual experience that marks daily life; those seemingly simple things that can be so very complex. Whatever inspires Vera is reflected in her paintings. 

“It can be the view from my kitchen window, a fleeting impression from a moving car, the smell of a meadow on a walk or even a certain mood that is reflected on the canvas. Textures, colours, shapes, movements and spaces… I strive to capture the whole experience in my work”

Vera enjoys to experiment and combine different materials and techniques to create a unique and distinctive style of art. Her preferred media are acrylic paint, leaf, metal, chalk paint, plaster and recycled materials like cardboard. This extraordinary combination of media results in unique, curious and colourful  paintings that evoke emotion in each viewer. They take the mind on a journey of discovery. 

“Although I plan the paintings, I do not strictly adhere to any plan, but respond intuitively to the outcome. It is an energetic process of construction, destruction, reconstruction that is reflected in my works.  I try to articulate form, colour, texture and composition and transfer my version of the visual input onto the canvas.”


Vera's work is not just mesmerizing to behold, it carries a strong message as well. The way she manages to capture symbolism and experiences into her work is truly one of a kind. Especially when you take your time and really sink into her work, you’ll realize just how intriguing her creations are. 

Vera's art can be displayed in many different ways and with many different backgrounds. It can almost entertained by any décor. That said, her work is best enjoyed with a neutral background, away from distraction. A straight white wall, without much other artwork, would be considered the best place to hang one of her paintings.