Starting at the early age of 13, Utopia has risen from out-law graffiti artist to recognized street art pioneer. With his roots in Sao Paulo, Brazil, he now roams the streets of Lisbon and creates stunning works of art. Just look into the eyes ...

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Oliveiros Junior, better known as the artist Utopia, was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Utopia’s creative journey started with street art, starting with graffiti on the streets of Sao Paulo at the early age of 13. At that early age he found inspiration in Hip Hop, pichação and graffiti SP.

Utopia’s work gained recognition outside of Brazil back in 2008. From that year he became a regular invitee to street art festivals in Europe and he decided to make Europe his home. His migration across the ocean did not go unnoticed. Lisbon, where he currently lives and works, has become a more beautiful and cultural city thanks to his many murals. When he is not out on the street, Utopia works from his studio, Double Trouble, in Carcavelos. Where he teamed up with the pioneering graffiti artists Nomen and Ram. Together they participate in various art festivals, exhibitions and events.


Utopia is known for painting colourful frescoes, filled with poetry and love. Always in his own signature style. A style clearly developed on the streets of Brazil. He often paints portraits of beautiful women. Utopia’s portraits are easily recognized by looking at the eyes. The eyes are created with a sparkle, a magical yellow centre symbolic for the sun as the centre of the universe. The women are often accompanied by a ladybug or a bubble.

Also, his work consists of more mediums than graffiti. Besides spray paint he works with tiles, glass, mirrors, wood, mosaic and more. It's no wonder that Utopia’s work can be found in private collections across Europe, the US, Canada, South America and Asia.


Utopia’s art is not only colourful. It’s mesmerizing to look at. Due to his use of vivid colours, different shapes and carefully designed compositions you will find something new in his work every time you admire it. Utopia’s work is especially intriguing if you enjoy street art wrapped in a bright and outspoken jacket.

His work is enjoyed best when placed against a contrasting background. You want the focus to be on the work and not the surroundings. Also, due the vivid use of colours and shapes, hanging his work against a busy background can create a feeling of overcrowdedness, which would be a shame after acquiring such a splendid work of art.