Moabit is famous for his satirical money art. His material of choice? Dollar bills. And they are absolutely marvellous to look at. It's not just the bright colours or high-detail characters, it's the message he sends that makes Moabit's work truly unique. 


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There is not a lot known about the artist Moabit. He is rumoured to be British, but when you dig deeper one might doubt that theory. London would be a good guess, but Venice, Italia or Spain also belong to the list op possibilities. Beside that, the closest Moabit comes to a personal website is his gallery on UP & COMING ART and his Instagram page. 

That said, there are few things we do know about him and it's quite an intriguing story. Moabit started drawing and painting at an early age. His family lived on the countryside and was struggling to get by. With his art Moabit was able to take care of himself. He sold his drawings to his classmates in exchange for some pocket money and he continued to support himself with his art ever since. 

Moabit completely restarted his artistic journey when he took on the identity of Moabit 3 years ago. And being already successful is quite extraordinary for an artist with no formal education. Moabit briefly went to an art school, but he dropped out to work in a carpeting factory. His success is not just due to his talent, but also because of his dedication. He ones said that he works around the clock; when he is not painting, he is creating the next big thing in his mind. 


Moabit is famous for his satirical money art. His material of choice? Dollar bills. And they are absolutely marvellous to look at. When you study these works of art you will encounter a high level op detail in the colourful and socio-critical depictions. The works include famous characters from his childhood like Donald Duck or his uncle, Scrooge McDuck. They are used to express Moabit's views on modern cultural phenomena, like greed, drug abuse or corporate power. He also depicts other worldly events. The politically correct series would be a great example. Moabit has used this series to express a strong view on major events, such as the N-Korea missile launches or the refugee crisis.

Moabit might be famous for his dollar bills. He has also created stunning works of art with other materials and mediums, ranging from cotton canvasses up to and including toilet seats. It probably doesn't come as a surprise that this relatively young artists can be found in collections around the globe and has had his work featured in numerous exhibitions and events already. 


Moabit’s work speaks to your imagination. The colourful and socio-critical depictions of every day culture can be enjoyed and felt by all. What makes his work unique is not just the powerful message. It's the powerful message depict using bright colours, money, world leaders and pop culture. The attention to detail is just marvellous.

Let's face it, the Moabit's money art will stand out. Your eye will be caught by the outspoken dollar bills. However, his art can fit into almost any interior. This is due the fact that it knows a relatively small size. If you combine his bright creations with a modest frame, you can place his dollar bills into any room or décor. And don't forget about the increasing value. Year-on-year Moabit art has been on the rise.