Janos Drienyovszki, a sculpture from Budapest, Hungary, grew up on the Great Hungarian Plain, admiring the diversity of plants and trees, the versatility of shapes and colour that nature has to offer. He transformed this intangible admiration into an artform by transforming that what grows into contemporary fine art.

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János Drienyovszki is a Hungarian sculptor. He was born in 1954. He made his first wooden statue during his high school years, but the general circumstances of his life made it impossible for him to delve deep into the world of sculpting on the level he would have liked to. The turning point came in 2000 when he was asked to present his first ever solo exhibition. From then on, he threw himself into the creative process intensely and consciously.

In 2003, he was invited to Japan, to the city of Inami to attend an international woodworking workshop. The experiences gained during this artist retreat irrevocably determined the development of his creative career. In 2007 he was admitted to MAOE (National Association of Hungarian Artists), to the sculptor sub-branch.

In recent years, he has been given the opportunity to participate in Hungarian and foreign artist workshops, including ones in Croatia (Marija Bistryca – 2006), Poland (Jablon-2007, 2008, 2009), Estonia (Valga and Jarvakandi-2008), Denmark (Ringkoebing-2011 to 2019 each year), Finland (Kakslautannen-2013) and Ukraine (Bereksentmiklós-2017).

Some of his works are now public sculptures in the villages which held the artist workshops he had attended; some are owned by institutions, collectors and private individuals, and some are now part of the famous contemporary Körmendy-Csák Collection.

"I like to try and feel the fate of the trees that I end up working on. It's not just their shape that evokes sensations and emotions in me; it’s also the way they experienced their lives. I find perfection in their imperfections. Stone is also an emissary of the universe. It is ageless; it’s the imprint of the inorganic material world. Less talkative than wood. It doesn’t give in so easily; touch it the wrong way and it will break and split. You have to give more of yourself to create a common aesthetic."

János grew up on the Great Hungarian Plain. Having been fond of the outdoors all his life, he used to wander around in nature during summertime, admiring the diversity of plants and trees, the versatility of shapes and colours. The roughness and honesty of nature also fascinates him. Trees have no choice but to live where they have taken root. Each tree is a separate fate, a life experience in its entirety, an aesthetic phenomenon. He likes to try and feel the fate of the trees he works on.

"I have a life path, I have scars, I can be as vulnerable as a tree that cannot leave its place, a rock that is forever embedded into a mountain. Creation sees the meeting of the two of us: the material and me. Two life paths, two experiences, two phenomena, two personalities. The two of us create aesthetics in the form of statues, mutually respecting one another."

Over the last few years János has had several solo exhibitions in Hungary (in Sopron, Nagykanizsa, Letenyén, Hévíz, Debrecen, Békéscsaba and Budapest) and participated in the 2012 and 2016 Biennale of Contemporary Sculpture in Szentendre