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Hayden Kays, a London-based pop and street artist, is one to remember. His art knows how to hit the right spot. He uses it to expresses criticism about everyday events, big political themes and modern day culture. Always with a dash of humour. Kays is especially (in)famous for the fact that he will not shy away from confrontation. His art is sometimes outright proactive. A good example would be that time he made clear that he had a rather strong opinion about the letter the British PM Boris Johnson send during the corona-pandemic.


In the above you already read a thing or two about the message of Kays' his art, but let's talk a bit more about it. In short, you won't find one of his works without a deeper meaning. When you study his work a bit more, you will notice a couple themes that keep returning. One of the foremost themes Hayden Kays discusses through his art is capitalism. His work DEATH WILL SET ME UP FOR LIFE is a good example. Kays wants you to think about the meaning of life and death and how money is so intertwined with it. It's fair to say that he is not a big fan of how capitalism turned out.

Other themes you will find often in his work are consumerism, politics and LGBTQ-rights. What is clear in most of his works is that Kays is not agreeing with how the world is handling these themes. You might be right in saying that he is a tat cynical. But one thing is for sure, his art will make the viewer think. It won't just let you enjoy the colourful lines or playful scene. No, if you look at the works of Kays you won't get off easy. You will have to take a moment to think about his message.


Hayden Kays' work is still accessible, but that won't remain so for long. His work can be found in many private collections around the globe. Also, some rather famous names have already found this artist. Names like Harry Styles, James Birch and Jude Law. Another big brand that admires his work is the band The Kooks. They used one of his pieces on their album cover.

Kays’ work is rather outspoken. Not just when you look at the message, but also from an aesthetic point of view. That is something you want to take into consideration where you are going to display the work you acquired. The bright use of colours and playful figures will look extraordinary in a modern interior. The powerful imagery of Kays’ work might be less kind on a more classical decor. But, wherever you might display it, make sure to place it in prominent position to make sure his excellent work won't go unnoticed.