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George Cosmin a.k.a. BASM is a British street and pop artist. BASM started with expressing his creativity on book pages. A technique that he still masters. He later changed his MO to a more street focused style. In his own words, he fell in love with street art when he was walking through the streets of London. A place where almost every corner is covered in beautiful works of art.

Although he fell in love with street art, he prefers to express himself a canvas that can be taken home. His art is found on book pages, street signs, dollar bills and regular old canvas strung on wood. This is due to fact that, in his opinion, art on the streets is fleeting. A canvas that can be hung can be forever enjoyed in someone’s home.


BASM preferred technique is stencil art, a technique where stencils in combination with spray paint are used to create art. He uses this technique to create art that is loaded with social commentary. A lot of his works can be seen as protest against capitalism or consumerism. You will also spot political commentary in his works. His work can also be outright daring and provocative. A good example would be his work The Messenger. The “balloon” speaks for itself.


BASM has outgrown his juvenile years and is on his way to be come an established artist. His works can already be found throughout the world. You can find his provocative style in collections in the US, Asia and Europe. It’s fair to say that BASM is an up and coming artist who will make a lasting mark on the art scene.

If you’re looking to acquire one of his works you should have a look at one of his remarkable original paintings. You will own a unique work of art that’s not only beautiful to look at, but will also make sure to stir up some conversations. You can also obtain one of his fine prints. These are limited edition copies of his original works. All are done to the highest standards and printed museum grade paper.