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Banksy, an anonymous street artist from the UK, might just be the most up and coming artist of the modern art world. No other artist today comes close to the exposure Banksy is subject to. His works are viewed, admired, loved and hated all around the world. Banksy’s world wide fame dates back years. Just take a peek at this clip from the Colbert Report from 2013. Back then, he was already so (in)famous that when one of his murals was found on a building the property value actually went up.

One the most extraordinary facts about Banksy is the fact that there is so little known about him. There are only a few people who know his real identity. One of them is Steve Lazarides, his former agent. Unfortunately, he has kept his mouth shut. To this day it’s unknown to the public who Banksy really is. That said, there are a few things we do know about him, but the list is short. First of all, Banksy is in fact a man. This has been confirmed by people familiar with the matter. Second, he is married to a woman. That last fact can be derived from one of his recent art works exposed on Instagram.


There is a lot of talk about the message Banksy wants to express through his art. The goal from the start was to make art affordable and available to everyone. He set out to achieve this mission along with his former agent, Lazarides. Together they set up numerous projects to make art as accessible as possible.

Also, Banksy wants to stir up change with his art. It's not hard to notice the political statements in his work. A lot of his work is about capitalism or consumerism and the negative effects they have. Some of his other works, or projects for that matter, are just plain and simple political statements. This is made abundantly clear by his project The Walled Off Hotel in Bethlehem


One can divide Banksy’s work in two. There is the non-commercial street art, which can be found on the streets of major cities like London and New York. It was never intended to be sold off at auction. It was meant to be enjoyed by all and to send message. The other side, the commercial side, are the prints, originals and multiples. Due to there immense popularity, there are hard to come by.


If you like street art. You like Banksy. His work is outspoken, beautiful and will be talked about. In other words, a Banksy would be perfect in any modern day art collection. 

His work, however, is so popular that you have to look hard to find a work to add to your collection. Also, you might stumble on counterfeit works as well. A lot of fakes have come into circulation due to continuously rising value. In other words, make sure to acquire your new Banksy from a respected gallery or vendor. Or, make sure that the work is accompanied by a COA from Pest Control. However, Pest Control only validates the authenticity of commercial works. Non-commercial works, like murals or the Di-Faced Tenner, are not checked by them.

We currently have a number of works from Banksy on offer. They have been validated for authenticity and are readily available for you to acquire. Have a look around. If you have any question, make sure to get in touch.