Multiples, made popular in during the 20th century, are the perfect for the modern art collector. These limited edition artefacts come in all shapes, sizes, styles and themes. 



“Artist’s multiple is a series of identical art objects produced or commissioned by an artist according to his or her idea, usually a signed limited edition made specifically for selling.”


Let’s dig a little deeper. By the definition of multiples a multiple is every art object that the artist had produced or commissioned for the purpose of selling. That literally means that it doesn’t even have to be a limited edition. It can be a poster or print even. True, but that’s according to the Wikipedia definition. In today's art world a multiple can best be described as an three dimensional art object that has been produced in a limited number of editions. So, no prints, no posters, no paintings. Another way of phrasing it would be “limited edition sculptures, items or objects”.


The idea of multiples is not necessarily new. They have been around for years. For example, limited edition hand copied books would be a great early example of a multiple. However, the popularity of them has been increasing year after year. Quite recently an artist named Joseph Beuys, a German artist and sculpture, took the idea and made it big. He created a huge number of multiples in his days. He even created a postcard that could be categorised as such. He made them from different materials, wood, plastic and even felt. 

The idea of multiples was later enforced by the trend of artists starting to sell directly to their collectors. This resulted in a large variety of different multiples; t-shirts, mugs, pens, playing cards, etc. You name it and some artist has done it. These days you can even find face masks.


The great thing about multiples is that you can find them in all shapes and sizes. In other words, they will be one that fits your taste and style. Also, when you’re on the hunt for a sculpture, you might hit a speed bump when it comes to pricing. Sculptures, due to the fast amount of time and material that goes into making them can be priced on the high side. The great thing about multiples is that you can find them in all price ranges. 

Furthermore, especially if you have a modern decor, you must add a few multiples to your collection. A lot of them are very bright and energetic and will surely look amazing in a contemporary home. You can also variate a lot when it comes to displaying them. The smaller ones look amazing on a bookshelf. A larger one could be a perfect conversation piece when placed in the midst of your coffee table. 

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