Money isn't just for paying the bills anymore. It has become an important medium for artists to send a message. Money art is one of the cornerstones of urban and street art and many artists have mastered the craft of turning a dollar bills into a stunning work of art.



Money has been depict in art for ages, but money art, the style which using it as material to create art is rather new. This style first entered the seen during the rise of pop art. However, back then it was not seen as an independent art style. It was merely a sub of the pop art style. These days money art is very up and coming. Banksy, one the master of street art, has his own 10 pound note, for example. Furthermore, there are even artists that have chose dollar bills as primary medium. Just have a gander at the works of Moabit.


There are many reason that money art has risen in popularity amongst artists and collectors. First of all, the message it sends. Art and capitalism do not always go hand in hand. Using dollar bills as canvas is a perfect example of that and of the contrary at the same time. On one hand it’s protest against greed, big spending and capitalism. On the other hands, it shows that art and money can go hand in hand by definition.

Second, normally a material is blank. Most common is the white cotton canvas stretched on wood. Now enter money art. The material is already filled with imagery, lines and numbers. A whole scene is already playing. Now the artist has to integrate the currency into his creation. Not an easy task, but it makes for extraordinary work if the artist is successful. Just have a gander at the work of Hayden Kays or Moabit. They both use currency as material and manage to not only make it part of the work, but to make the entire piece so much more powerful.


Money art is going nowhere, but up. It has become a very popular style amongst collectors and investors. Starting your collection is simple. You might enjoy the detailed and outspoken work of Moabit. There are multiple bills to choose from. Or, you might opt for the critical work of Hayden Kays. He has created a couple unique works on currency that are quite extraordinary.

Besides a potential rise in value, money art is just great to enjoy and collect. The already existing details combined with strong imagery and opinions are just marvellous. Also, the size of money art makes them easy to fit into any decor. Just imaging Kim Yong Un flying a rocket standing on your coffee table. It will not just make for a rather solid investment, but will be sure to catch the eye of anyone who walks past.

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